Scott L Milway


Scott Milway RIPIt is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of our beloved Chairman and Strategic Liaison, Scott Milway, who sadly passed away on 11th November 2020.

Scott has been involved with the IRCM CIC since 2013, and he has held roles as Managing Director, Non-Executive Director, and Chairman of the Board. Scott always offered useful insights and he showed a great deal of tack in difficult situations. His knowledge, experience, and dedication have been instrumental in developing the IRCM CIC to where it is today, and for that, we will forever be grateful.

Scott’s life motto was “If you see someone without a smile – give em one!”, and this represents Scott as no other statement ever could.

When it comes to epitomising Positive Mental Attitude, Scott was ‘The Man’. He had serious health problems for many years, but we can’t remember him ever complaining about the difficulties that he faced (although he did complain about most other things in the UK smiley). It was easy to forget just how unwell he was and for such a long time.

His humour and optimism were infectious, impressive and inspirational: always bright, cheerful and cracking a joke. He had a most cheeky mischievous side and a constant twinkle in his eyes. And he was a real mentor too: warm, courteous, always motivational and encouraging. He was larger-than-life and could be counted on to brighten up any room and any situation, which made him a real pleasure to work with.

Scott had a number of great loves in his life, one of which were elephants. He spent a lot of time in Sri Lanka and Thailand and donated quite an amount of money to local elephant sanctuaries.

We have not only lost a valued team member, but we’ve lost a great friend, and he has left a huge gap for us and for the world at large. Our heart goes out to his wonderful wife Trudi, his children, his wider family, and his many friends.