INDIVIDUAL SUPPLIERS (Coaches and/or Mentors)

Individual Suppliers are simply the Coaches and Mentors who provide the service to their clients.

This single central unified directory is provided for the benefit of the consumers, and each directory entry provides details of all Individual Suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the coaching and mentoring industry.

The IRCM encourages all Coaches and Mentors to REGISTER with the IRCM to demonstrate their commitment to their clients.  Registering will confirm to your clients that you have agreed to abide by the IRCM’s unified industry Codes of Conduct and recognise the Ombudsman Service.

If you select not to REGISTER with the IRCM and agree to abide by the unified Code of Industry Ethics, unified Core Competencies, Disciplinary Procedures, and recognise the central Ombudsman Service, you are not demonstrating your professionalism to your clients.

The IRCM encourages Coaches and Mentors to authenticate their competence by gaining an accreditation/credentialing from one or more IRCM Registered or Accredited Professional Bodies.

What is the difference between LISTED and REGISTERED Directory Entries?
Why should you REGISTER with the IRCM?
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  • Initial Application Fee
    • Register = £180
  • Annual Renewal Fee *
    • Register = £120
  • Fee Structure:
    • Initial Application Fee:
      • Annual Fee = £100
      • One-off application fee = £50
      • VAT = £30
    • Annual Renewal Fee *
      • Annual Fee = £100
      • VAT = £20

* Please note – renewal fees are charged on each anniversary of registration application.

October, 2018


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.