Ombudsman Service

Incorrectly issuing a diploma


  • Date Lodged: May 2017
  • Reason: Incorrectly issuing a diploma
    Following on from a review of the information received, it was determined that there were 30 different complaints included in the documentation.
  • Overall Outcome: Withdrawn by the Complainant
  • Detailed Outcome:
    • 10 complaints UPHELD
    • 2 complaints PARTIALLY UPHELD
    • 6 complaints had INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to support the complaint statement
    • 1 complaint was RESOLVED
    • 9 complaints were NOT UPHELD
    • 2 complaints were NOT RULED UPON, as they were incorporated into the ruling of other complaints.
  •  Dates:
    • Outcome Issued: 23rd March 2019
    • Withdrawn: 2nd May 2019
  • Actions, Recommendations, Sanctions:
    • Complainant: Sanctions
    •  Respondent: Sanctions
    • Third-Party #1: Sanctions
  • Date that Actions, Recommendations, and/or Sanctions Lifted:
    This complaint was withdrawn by the Complainant, and for this reason this complaint will not be progressed.
    Should an application be received to lift these recommendations/sanctions, this Case Study will be updated.
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