The IRCM’s remit is to create an independent international register of all individuals and organisations working within the coaching and mentoring industry.  To achieve this, the IRCM is working with Professional Bodies from all areas of coaching and mentoring to create a single unified register.

For the consumers benefit; whether
a client of a coach and/or mentor,
a student of a Training Organisation, or
a member of a Professional Body;

the IRCM provides you transparency and openness in its single unified register.

This register focuses specifically on Professional Bodies, who in turn, monitor and manage the competency, quality, and insurance status for all coaches, mentors, and training organisations.

To provide the consumers with transparency this single unified register, each Professional Body will provide a link from their own website, showing coaches, mentors, and training organisations showing their competence and quality through membership, credentialing, accreditation, training and insurance.  This register will also note individuals and organisations who have ceased to trade.  For those coaches, mentors, and training organisations who have registered directly with the IRCM, a separate register has been provided.  Where these individuals and organisations are also members of a Professional Body, this will be highlighted in their details.  Where the individuals and organisations have selected not to be a member of a Professional Body, the IRCM will note their reason.

The IRCM’s register will identify those Professional Bodies who agree to abide by a unified Code of Industry Ethics, unified Core Competencies, Disciplinary Procedures, and the recognition of a central Ombudsman Service. The IRCM will record all notifications of professional misconduct.  Professional Bodies can request to be removed from the register and the IRCM will comply, providing the consumers with a reason for public record.

Professional Bodies who gain accreditation with the IRCM will play an active role on the IRCM’s Steering Committee and will be involved in determining the future of the coaching and mentoring industry.  Professional Bodies who register with the IRCM will be represented on the IRCM’s Steering Committee.

The IRCM endeavours to support all coaching and mentoring industry consumers,
supporting genuine coaching and mentoring organisations and professionals;
and continues to work to promote excellence, improving confidence with
the consumers in the international community of coaching and mentoring.

Corporate Organisations are generally organisations who:

  • employ Coaches and Mentors.
  • provide marketing support, products and services i.e. insurance, accounting, tax, websites, marketing, etc. to coaches, mentors, and training organisations.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.







Below are registers of coaches, mentors, and training organisations who have selected to list themselves independently of their Professional Body or who are not registered with a Professional Body.