Industry Terminology and Definitions


As with all industries, the Coaching and Mentoring industry has recognised terminology.

Terminology simplifies the understanding of how words are used within a specific industry.  For example, the Ombudsman Service for the Coaching and Mentoring industry received a complaint against a bus company; and the reason for this is that the word ‘coach’ has many uses in the English language, one of which refers to a method of public transport.

Each word used within an industry implies a meaning, but it is important to remember that this meaning may be different across industries.

The IRCM CIC in its Standards and Ethics has recognised the challenge for Consumers wanting to use the services and products in the coaching and mentoring industry.  Currently within the coaching and mentoring industry, each organisation or individual uses their own definitions which is adding to the confusion of Consumer expectations.

If coaching or mentoring is recommended to a Consumer,  the person recommending the service or product has their own definition.  The person being recommended the service or product may have a different definition, and the person or organisation they approach has another definition.  This confusion over Consumer expectations has been found in one or more complaints where the Ombudsman Service has confirmed that the Consumers expectation has not been met.

Therefore, tor the purposes of a unified Coaching and Mentoring industry, to simplify the understanding of each Consumer, and to manage Consumer expectations, the IRCM CIC has created a single common understanding of the words used within the industry.