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Dr. Terry Hildebrandt is an executive coach, organization development consultant, researcher, coach educator, coach supervisor, entrepreneur, and author. He is the founder and CEO of Terry Hildebrandt and Associates, LLC, an organization development and executive coaching consultancy.  Terry is also founder and CEO of Activating Leadership LLC, a leadership development company.  He also serves as the Director of the Evidence Based Coaching Program at the Fielding Graduate University.

Terry has over 21 years of coaching experience and 31 years of business experience. He has dedicated a large portion of his career to executive coaching and organization development. He has worked with companies and organizations in multiple industries including high tech, aerospace, financial services, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, insurance, energy, construction, network communications, farming/ranching, government, schools, and nonprofit. He works primarily with mid-level and senior executives including members of the executive committee, board chairs, chief executive officers, vice presidents, directors, and selected promising leaders.

He has worked with the leaders of global business units and their teams to design and implement organizational change initiatives resulting in increased revenue, greater market share, improved executive team effectiveness, and alignment of organizational culture with new business strategies. Terry is an expert in the principles of evidence based coaching, which involves using the best existing theoretical and researched knowledge, in combination with his personal coaching skills and knowledge of the client, to develop and deliver an effective coaching engagement.



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930 Acoma St., #214, Denver, CO 80204, United States of America

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International Coaching Federation MCC – Master Certified Coach
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Fielding Graduate University PhD in Human and Organizational Systems
Fielding Graduate University MA in Organizational Design and Effectiveness
Fielding Graduate University MA in Human Development
Rice University BS in Materials Science
MEECO Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC)
Fielding Graduate University Evidence Based Coach
Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) Social & Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach
Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach
Certified Productivity Coach
Michael Port Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach

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