International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring, CIC
Individual Suppliers Directory


This Directory displays each Coaches and/or Mentors involvement in the coaching and mentoring industry and will show the IRCM Directory status – (L) listed, (R) registered or (A) accredited – as well as other relevant information.

IRCM Directory Status: Professional
Offering: Trading: IRCM
Registered: Listed: Coaching: Mentoring: Company: Currently
Barbara J. Cormack Scotland ICF The Nyasa Partnership Limited
Christine McLanachan UK ADDSuccess+
Curly Martin UK IAPC&M Achievement Specialists Ltd
Denny Portier-Terpstra Netherlands On a Mission
Gerard O’Donovan UK IAPC&M Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
Nikki Wild UK IAPC&M Wild Empowerment Limited
Silvana Dini Italy
Steve Allen UK ABM Opal Solutions
Suzi Pomerantz USA ICF The Innovative Leadership International LLC
Terry Hildebrandt USA ICF Terry Hildebrandt and Associates LLC
Wendy Reeves UK AC
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Although the IRCM can confirm the L, R, or A, directory status of each organisation or individual; the detail held was correct at the time of application or renewal and it is the responsibility of the Organisation or Individual to provide regular updates as necessary.  Therefore, the extent to which you may rely on the detailed information displayed is in the hands of the Organisation or Individual.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.