The IRCM is an independent regulator focused on helping consumers
of the coaching and mentoring industry make a better informed decision.

Coaching and Mentoring each has its own unique set of skills and without the formal regulation of a Regulator, such as the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC, there are many Professional Bodies, Training Organisations, Coaches and Mentors representing themselves in the industry where there is not a unified standard or definition.

The IRCM focuses on helping consumers with their due-diligence in selecting the right coach and/or mentor, training organisation, and Professional Body.  Consumers are simply buyers, end-users, clients, customers, students, and members.

The IRCM endeavours to support all coaching and mentoring industry consumers,
supporting genuine coaching and mentoring organisations and professionals;
and continues to work to promote excellence, improving confidence with
the consumers in the international community of coaching and mentoring.

Coaches and Mentors often have to ‘unlearn’ old skills from their previous professions before they can competently learn the skills required for to be an effective coach or mentor.  Therefore, it is important to know whether the individual you have selected has been trained as a coach and/or mentor; and whether that training includes the unified Industry Core Competencies, and/or the unified Industry Ethics.  If the coach and/or mentor has no formal coach or mentor training, your experience may result in inadequate or ineffective coaching or mentoring.

The same due-diligence applies to training organisations.  Does the training organisation include an element that helps their students ‘unlearn’ old skills?  Are the unified Industry Core Competencies, and the unified Industry Ethics included in the training?  What qualification do you gain after completing the course?  What skill or skills do you learn from each workshop?

How does the Professional Body support you as a student, a coach, a mentor, or a training organisation?  Do they provide you with regular Continuing Professional Development?  How does the Professional Body transparently participate in the industry?

For your benefit, whether a client of a coach and/or mentor, a student of a Training Organisation, or a member of a Professional Body; the IRCM provides you transparency and openness in its register.

The register allows each Professional Body to demonstrate its own professionalism by REGISTERING or ACCREDITING, and providing you with a list of all its members (coaches, mentors, coaches and mentors, training organisations).  Our Consumers Code provides you with more information:

  • As a client wishing to benefit from the services of a coach and/or mentor, we recommend that you check their professional status with a Registered or Accredited Professional Body and verify the individuals background, training, and experience.
  • As a person interested in training to be a coach or mentor, we recommend that you verify the training organisations professional status with a Registered or Accredited Professional Body, the status of their training course/workshop, and as much information about the detailed knowledge that you will gain.  In other words, does this course meet the unified Industry Core Competencies, or does the workshop train on one or more of the unified Industry Core Competencies, and work within the unified Industry Ethics?
  • We recommend that all coaches and mentors are members of a Professional Body.  As a coach or mentor interesting in joining a Professional Body, we recommend that you that select one of the IRCM’s Registered or Accredited Professional Bodies.


The IRCM provides you with the following:

  1. Professional Bodies Register,
    where you can confirm that the:

    • Coach and/or Mentor has the right level of competence, qualification, and insurance to support you in your own personal and professional growth and development.
    • Training Organisation has subjected their course(s) and/or workshop(s) to an independent verification and that it includes the requirements defined to train individuals in the coaching and mentoring industry.
    • The IRCM is the only independent government approved Regulator for Professional Bodies.  Therefore, for those Professional Bodies who have not registered or accredited with the IRCM, we are unable to validate their level of quality, competence, or support they provide to their members (coaches, mentors, and training organisations).
  2. The Ombudsman Service,
    where you can request support from an independent authority to address disputes and complaints in line with current consumer policy.
  3. The Star Rating System,
    where you can provide a star rating (1 – 5) and detailed feedback about your coach, mentor, coach and mentor, training organisation, and/or professional body.


There may be the situation where organisations and individuals use the IRCM’s logo without approval or being present on the IRCM’s Register or a Member of an IRCM’s Registered or Accredited Professional Body.  Therefore, we recommend that you confirm the details on the IRCM’s Register prior to starting your due-diligence and contracting for the service.