What does the Commercial Organisations Directory provide the Consumer?

commercial organisations.
The IRCM CIC is the only independent government-approved Regulator for Coaching and/or Mentoring, and encourages all organisations who employ (directly as staff or through contract) or support (support groups/supervision) to REGISTER and demonstrate their commitment to the excellence of the coaching and mentoring industry.

All Commercial Organisations that are REGISTERED on the IRCM CIC Commercial Organisations Directory agree to abide by their own industry Codes of Conduct and incorporate into their business practices, the coaching and mentoring industry recognised Codes of Conduct and recognise the coaching and mentoring industry Ombudsman Service.

Therefore, the IRCM CIC is unable to validate the level of qualitycompetence, or support of the Commercial Organisations who are LISTED or do not appear on the Directory.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM CIC is in English.