IRCM Code of Conduct

The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC (IRCM) is a company limited by guarantee and a Community Interest Company. The IRCM is the only international regulator approved by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies; which is appointed by the United Kingdom’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This approval gives the IRCM the authority to carry out international activities for the benefit of coaching and mentoring professionals, professional bodies (accreditation bodies, trade/membership bodies, and associations), training organisations, and the personal or corporate consumer. As part of this approval, the IRCM maintains a unified Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures which includes the IRCM’s own Code of Conduct.

Integrity is fundamental to the IRCM; and along with our other values of professional conduct, equality and discrimination, duty of care, confidentiality, transparency, and openness; integrity means doing what is right. By acting with integrity, each person involved in the running and the operation of the IRCM (IRCM team) reflects positively on the values and international reputation of the IRCM and the Coaching and Mentoring Industry. This Code of Conduct helps guide us, and as each member of the IRCM team is an ambassador for both the IRCM and the Coaching and Mentoring Industry, this Code defines how the IRCM team should conduct themselves.

Who Must Follow the Code of Conduct?

The IRCM Code of Conduct applies to the IRCM team, whether Director, Leadership Team, or Team member. The IRCM is an international organisation which is registered in the United Kingdom. As such each member of the IRCM team involved is subject to both the IRCM Code of Conduct and the laws of the United Kingdom. Each member of the IRCM team must follow the IRCM Code of Conduct, the laws of the United Kingdom, the laws of the country in which they reside; act with integrity, transparency and honesty in all matters; and be accountable for their and the IRCM’s actions and activities.

In alphabetical order:

Business and Financial Records:

The IRCM ensures the accuracy of the information collated and shared as far as it is able.

Register – the IRCM can only confirm if an individual or organisation has ‘registered’ or gained ‘accreditation’ at a given point in time.  The extent to which you may rely on the information displayed and to be correct is in the hands of the individual or organisation.

The IRCM provides a copy of its Financial Records and CIC report through Companies House in the UK.

Conflict of Interest:

If a potential conflict of interest were to arise the IRCM would make its position plain to both parties, and confidentiality will always be maintained.

Where there is a conflict of interest, the matter will be referred to the IRCM’s Board of Directors who will appoint another member of the IRCM team or a member of the Board to participate in procedure and process.

Company Assets:

The IRCM holds the largest single register in the world of all individuals and organisations involved within and supporting the Coaching and Mentoring Industry. Each member of the IRCM team, the Coaching and Mentoring Industry, and the consumer/buying public will use this information and will protect the Company’s Assets and use them in the manner to which they were intended.


The IRCM is committed to maintaining the highest degree of personal and commercial confidentiality and the protection of all personal and commercial information we are party to. The IRCM will only disclose information in line with the outcomes of the Ombudsman Service, or where explicitly agreed with yourself, or where the IRCM believes there is compelling evidence of serious danger to yourself or others if the information is withheld.

Contractual Obligation:

Each individual or organisation upgrading their listing to be recognised as ‘registered’ or ‘accredited’ by the IRCM will abide by the IRCM’s Unified Code of Industry Ethics; Disciplinary Procedures; and recognise the IRCM as the Coaching and Mentoring Industry Ombudsman. The IRCM’s contract will be in detailed written form on application and renewal.

All other contracts will be in detailed written form and may include your aims, activities, costs, timescales and what the IRCM consider as achievable. The IRCM endeavours to meet each contract but where special considerations apply, for example where an external funding provider needs further information, the IRCM may request this information in addition and may be at a later date.

Duty of care:

The IRCM believes that all individuals, businesses and organisations, including the IRCM, should avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of people anywhere. The IRCM undertakes to conform to relevant United Kingdom law.

Equality and discrimination:

The IRCM will always strive to be fair and objective in the actions, activities, recommendations, advice and guidance.

The IRCM will not be influenced in its actions, activities, decisions, guidance or recommendations by issues of age, colour, creed, culture, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, nationality, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.


The IRCM’s fees are openly available for each individual and organisation.

Where the IRCM is working with a specific individual and/or organisation to provide a different service or product, the fees will be competitive, fair, and where possible accommodate the individual or organisations available budget.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

The IRCM own all Intellectual Property Rights created by itself and each member of the IRCM team, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Click here for the IRCM’s full Copyright statement. We respect the Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright of all the material and information we receive.

Professional Conduct:

The IRCM takes great care to conduct its own activities professionally; with transparency, openness, and integrity. In all our activities and actions, the IRCM will be completely objective in its judgement, and any recommendations that are made, and it will not be influenced by anything other than in the Industries or your best interests.

Quality assurance:

The IRCM maintains the quality of what it does through constant and ongoing reviews of the aims and outcomes of the service it provides. The IRCM encourages regular feedback and reviews from individuals and organisations both within and without the Coaching and Mentoring Industry.


Each member of the IRCM team is a representative of the IRCM in all their activities, actions, and communication within the team; with the individuals and organisations within the Coaching and Mentoring Industry; with the consumers/buying public; and others. For this reason, no member of the IRCM team will become involved in any political activity; unfair, deceptive; or misleading practices; or any other type of activity that will bring the IRCM into disrepute.


The IRCM clearly sets out the timescales for ‘registration’ and ‘accreditation’ processes. The timescale determines the IRCM’s time allowed for the process. Where the timescale relies on someone outside the IRCM to complete actions or steps, it is outside the control of the IRCM to meet its timescale unless all timescales for each step is adhered to.

The IRCM clearly sets out timescales for the Ombudsman Service.  These timescales determines the IRCM’s time allowed for the process, and where the timescale relies on the Complainant, Respondent, or a third party; it is outside the control of the IRCM to meet its timescale unless all timescales for each step is adhered to.

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