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Research on Coaches and Mentors skills, qualifications, verifications, and specialities.


The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC invests in the future of the coaching and mentoring industry.

Part of this investment is through the work undertaken by the Steering Committees.  The steering committees are industry advisory committees made up of high-level stakeholders, experts, and consumers who provide input and guidance on key issues specifically relating to the coaching and mentoring industry.  The steering committees support the future development of the coaching and mentoring industry, and work to ensure that the focus/actions of the IRCM CIC remain as far as possible in the best interests of the complete industry.

Your input through completing this survey will provide your input to the research undertaken by the IRCM CIC for input to the Steering Committees discussions and guidance on the future development of the coaching and mentoring industry.



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