The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring, CIC (IRCM)
is the approved Regulator for the Coaching and Mentoring Industry.

As a Community Interest Company, the IRCM’s remit is to support all coaching and mentoring industry consumers; as well as genuine coaches, mentors, and coaching/mentoring organisations.  In its work, the IRCM endeavours to promote excellence and improve confidence with all consumers in the international community of coaching and mentoring.

CONSUMERS, what can the IRCM do for you?



The IRCM is here to PROMOTE excellence
in Coaching and Mentoring.

REGISTER HERE if you or your organisation is not Registered/Accredited/Credentialed with the IRCM.


Consumers benefit from the single central unified directoryThis directory provides each consumer with the information provided by each organisation/individual who commits to growing consumer confidence by demonstrating their commitment to excellence and abiding by the unified industry codes (unified Code of Industry Ethics, unified Core Competencies, Disciplinary Procedures, and recognising a central Ombudsman Service).


Each directory provides details of all Organisations/Individuals who demonstrate their commitment to excellence by REGISTERING or ACCREDITING:

  1. LISTED by the IRCM provides the consumers with a list of all Organisations and Individuals trading in the coaching and mentoring industry who have not selected to demonstrate their commitment to excellence.
  2. REGISTERED by the IRCM demonstrates that the each Organisation and Individual provides a level of commitment to excellence by demonstrating that they have agreed to abide by the Unified Code of Industry Ethics, Unified Industry Core Competencies, Disciplinary Procedures, and recognise the Ombudsman Service for Consumers.
  3. ACCREDITED – Accreditation is available to all Professional Bodies who register with the IRCM.  This provides an additional level of professionalism, accountability and a level of confidence through the IRCM’s verification of the services provided by a Professional Body for its members.

The IRCM is here to PROMOTE excellence in Coaching and Mentoring.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.